Wolf Girl is not quite ready for prime time

I just pulled part 2 of my short story Wolf Girl. It’s still not working. I had sent in the revisions to part 3 to my authors group for critique and I am unhappy with the results.

Here’s the thing: This is the first short story of mine which actually got published. I was happy to finally be a published author, so I moved on. That was back in 2011.

Fast forward to present day. I’ve written a couple dozen more short stories, plus about six novels, none of which have been traditionally published yet. (I did self publish a collection of my short stories on Amazon, but nothing through a traditional publisher yet.)

As I mentioned in an earlier blogpost, I want to bring Wolf Girl up to my current standards of writing and present it here for your reading pleasure. I published part one in a post last week and part two on Monday of this week, with the intention of giving you the final part this weekend.

Enter my author’s group, God $^%#^$#@^ bless them. The group consists of about fifteen regular members who show up each week to read and critique each other’s work. Of the members, only about four regular attendees are male. This is a good thing for me because the women tend to bring to my attention all the faux pas in my writing regarding my female characters.

In short, when a guy is writing about a female character, he needs to check with other females to see if his character is believable. So I am indebted to the women in my authors group. But in this case, their input has caused me to pull my last blog post (part two of Wolf Girl) until it can be fixed properly.

On the good side: everybody agreed that the ending is good. It has a nice supernatural twist at the end which is both fun and a bit horrific.

On the bad side: Most of my group agree that few people will ever get to the end, because the beginning (and middle) are too dark and uncomfortable. The subject matter is about a young woman stuck in (yet another) bad relationship, involving both physical and sexual abuse.

The consensus is that most people will probably stop reading before they get to the end of the story, simply because getting through the middle of the story is just too unpleasant.

To quote a friend of mine from work, ‘Well Pewp!”

We (my fellow authors and I) discussed some of the specific issues with the story and possible ways around them, so that the reader is compelled to continue on, even in the face of such dark subject matter. I have some good ideas about that, but they also mean that much of what I posted in part 2 will need to be tweaked.

So I pulled that post. I will revamp it (once again) and post the revised version (what do you call the revision of a revision, anyway?) shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope it will make the overall story better.

Talk to you again, soon,

Dana (Danothy refused to put his name here…)

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