My first published story

While querying various publishers with the first novel I feel is ready for prime time (it’s actually my sixth novel, but the first one I think is polished enough to send out professionally) I want to give readers a chance to sample my writing. So I’ve decided to give you a peek for free.

My Dead Heart
Wolf Girl, my first published story, is in here.

“Wolf Girl” is a short story I submitted to an anthology nearly a decade ago called Mon Coeur Mort (My Dead Heart.) If you’re interested, that book is available from Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, although the best price might be at Ebay. The publishing company, Post Mortem Press, was young and, in my opinion, very lenient with their approvals at the time, but I didn’t care about that–I was a published author! (yay!)

One of the nice things about the arrangement with PMP was that I would retain full rights to my story. That was a good thing, because now, years later, I read it and cringe (on the bright side, I’ve come a long way in ten years…)

So, I thought about posting the story here, so you can get a chance to see what my writing is like. The problem is that my writing skills have advanced quite a bit since then, so this story is perhaps not the best sample to provide.

What to do?

I finally decided to break one of the cardinal rules of writing (that’s right, because I broke this rule, I have given up all hopes of ever becoming a cardinal), which is to say, I have dared to… wait for it… revise my story.

(Cue the dramatic musical flare…)

So, in the next couple of days, I will begin submitting “Wolf Girl” in three parts, absolutely free for any and all to peruse, critique and/or fall madly in love with. I would particularly like to hear from anybody who has read the original story about how this version compares to it’s fraternal twin.

Fair Warning: The subject matter is dark (this is horror, after all.) In fact, I wrote this before I met my evil twin, Danothy Grimm, but it seems to be right up his alley.

Dan likes to make the reader think ‘This is truly evil. Why do I keep reading it?’ and then answer their own question with ‘Because I can’t put it down. I just gotta know what happens next.’

“Wolf Girl” is definitely a story that should have his name on it. So, on the one hand, if this story pushed you a bit too far beyond your comfort zone, no problem, I also have a lot of stories which are not nearly so intense.

On the other hand, if this is your idea of what a horror story is supposed to do, well let’s just say I’ve already written a sequel short story. I’ve also begun one novel, with ideas about a second and possibly a third, which are based on the characters from “Wolf Girl.”

Hope you like it.

Dana (Danothy)

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