Looking for a Writing Workshop?

I recently attended the Kentucky Writers workshop in Louisville. It was a one-day event with several different classes on different aspects of writing / publishing / marketing. I also paid for pitch sessions (ten minutes of one-on-one time to try and pitch my novel) with 2 literary agents, which landed me an invitation to take the next step–sending them the first three chapters of my book for consideration.

I took lots of notes and got some great feedback on my writing. ,I also learned the next several steps I need to take in, and what I can expect to encounter in the process of getting my work published traditionally. All in all, some pretty useful info for a guy who wants to make money telling stories.

A similar workshop is coming to Cincinnati on May 18th. So, here’s to all us who long to be rich and famous for our wondrous story-telling talent, but don’t yet know all the nuts and bolts of the actual publishing process. Go to https://cincinnatiwritingworkshop.com/ for all the details.

And, if you happen to run into literary agent Denise Barone
while you’re there, tell her Danothy Grimm sends his regards.

P.S. I just found the schedule for all their workshops scheduled for 2019. So if you can’t make the Cincinnati event, take a look at when and where else you can participate: http://www.writingdayworkshops.com/event-locations–dates.html

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