Joe Hill, one of my favorite authors

Joe Hill's Full Throttle

Just finished Joe Hill's new book of short stories, Full Throttle, and I loved it. A couple of the stories were written with daddy, Steve, but more importantly, the guy is a great horror author in his own right.

The title story is a tribute to the 1971 television movie Duel. You might remember Dennis Weaver driving through the desert and being terrorized by an old tanker truck. Throughout the movie, he (and consequently, we) never actually sees the driver, so the crux of the movie becomes "Who is in that truck and why is he trying to kill Dennis Weaver?"

Incidentally, that movie was directed by Steven Spielberg, well before the name became famous - four years before the movie Jaws and six before Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Another story that particularly stands out is "In the Tall Grass", which has just been released as a movie on NetFlix. They could have made a series out if it, much like Shudder did with NOS4A2.

But my absolute favorite is a story I wrote about before when it came out in a collection of short stories last year called Flight or Fright. The story is called "You Are Released" and I still think it's the best short story I've ever read.

If you aren't yet familiar with Joe's work, this book is a great way to get to know the man's stories. And if you already know and love the guy, this book won't disappoint.

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