Look, Ma! I'm an author!

My first published short story, Wolf Girl, was in this anthology, available on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback).

Collection of Short Stories

Self-published collection of my short stories (including Wolf Girl). Available on Amazon Kindle

Coming Soon

"Leed's Devil" is complete and I have begun the sequel, "Worlds Collide." I am also toying with the idea of publishing a blog post or three to introduce you to a few of the characters.

Dana / Danothy

I grew up reading stories by Stephen King, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, and Anne Rice. I enjoy a good scary story, although I often questioned whether a particular tale was truly horror, sci-fi, or fantasy (they seem to overlap quite a bit.)

My original plan was to create horror stories that pushed the reader into an uncomfortable place; too scary, too dark, or too creepy in one way or another. These stories would also, it goes without saying, be so captivating, the the reader would be compelled to push on through their discomfort because they just had to know what happened next.

When I began writing my own tales, I found that some of them were very creepy, some were mildly creepy, and some were (dare I admit it?) cute in a weird sort of way. They also tended to cross genres with no discretion whatsoever. Some were definitely not horror.

What was a self-professed author of horror to do?

Enter Danothy Grimm (thanks again to Tim Kelly, a fellow writer, for the idea.)  I think of Danothy as my evil-twin. When a story really pushes boundaries (Ghost Job and Emails From the Pit come to mind), I'll attribute it to Danothy.

So, if a book comes out under 'Danothy Grimm', be prepared for my best, most extreme work.  If it's under 'Dana Kisor', be prepared for a truly great story, but it probably won't keep you from going to sleep at night.