The name of my blog has been posted on some website used by would-be Phishers, or people trying to drive their click rates up. I know this because of the deluge of spamments (spam comments) left after many of my posts.

It used to be that these spamments were easy to spot

  • their use of the English language was atrocious and often didn’t even make sense.
  • They always contain at least one link to whatever website they wish you to click

Many of them are trying to hook the potential reader with promises of cheap Viagra, Cialis, or other prescription drugs.  (yawn.)

Then there are those which are complementary, but totally ambiguous. For instance:

Wow, awesome weblog structure! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you made blogging look easy. The whole glance of your website is wonderful, as neatly as the content material!


Great article! Thanks for this very useful detail and I hope everyone else will find it helpful too.

All in all, an innocuous comment, with a (probably, but who really knows?) harmless link to a website. My beef with those is the simple fact that the compliment is so generic that it might apply to anything. I expect they blanket every blog (in whatever blackmarket list they’re using) with the exact same comment, hoping that some people will see it and say ‘Hey! A positive comment!  I’m keeping that one…’

Sorry guys (or gals), I’m not that desperate for comments.


I’ve also begun to see a few spamments which sound a bit more specific to my actual blog. Most of them are still quite generic, but at least they caught my attention. Here is my favorite, so far:

I love your books. As soon as they come out I put all other books down to read yours. What better thing for me to do while coop up during hurricane Harvey than stay up all night and finish Fury of Shadow. Is there anywhere I can find all your books in hardback?

Now, let’s not kid ourselves here, friends. This spamment is not a response from someone who actually read my blog post and wanted to follow up, but daaaauuuuuumn, they’re getting better. I actually read through this comment and wished it were legit.

I love your books – yeah that got my attention right away. Problem is, while I’ve written about seven novels and dozens of short stories, most of them have not yet been published.

Hurricane Harvey – oops, since this spamment was posted in February 2021, they should have used COVID or Pandemic.  I’m sure they’ll catch on eventually.

And finally, Fury of Shadow – I did a Google search for the title and found several responses with titles of books/movies using these words in some fashion. They’re mostly fantasy books, dungeons and dragons, ninja warriors, and RPG games, but still, sorta, kinda my genre (if you don’t think about it too much…)

But here’s the kicker. I moderate comments on my blog once a week or so, and end up dumping dozens of them at a time. And I notice that many of them contain links pointing to the same website, regardless of what the comment said (Viagra, ambiguous compliment, or otherwise.)

Unfortunately, this comment—which was ALMOST relevant, which caught my attention and consideration—also pointed to the same website as the others.

Nice try, fearless spammentor,

But no cigar.