In this self-quarantining world of Covid-19, many of us have embraced the internet as our primary source of, well, pretty much everything–Communication, news, entertainment, social and political commentary, shopping, even registering to vote. I knew our lives had taken a definite turn when my wife asked me to help unload the groceries… which she had ordered on-line and which were being delivered to our house by some kid I’d never seen before.

I’m affected, too. I still go to work each day. I just have a much shorter commute… across the hall to the spare bedroom which I’ve turned into my office/music room/man cave. After a long day at the office , slaving away on the computer, I sometimes relax by working on one of my many musical compositions… on the computer, or by delving into my other pastime-, creative writing… on the computer. I am occasionally interrupted by a delivery person dropping off any number of items my wife has ordered… on the computer. And when all that screen time gets to be too much, I can sit back and relax with a good movie from one of several streaming services… on the… you see the pattern, right?

It only took me about eight months to realize that I should probably take advantage of this new voluntary, mass self-enslavement to our new electronic overlords and start beefing up my on-line presence. So, make some more room on the proverbial bandwagon. I’m jumping on.

I’m going to return to my original intention of sharing my writing by posting examples of my writing, story ideas, even some of my previously published works, like Wolf Girl.

In April, my writer’s group tried a writing exercise called a round-robin, whereby each member would have a turn at creating a story by adding up to 500 words. I had the honor of going first, which meant I also got to create the title, create the setting, create the first character, and generally define the overall tone for the story. So, after much (well, some… er a little?… okay almost none at all) soul-searching, I came up with a cool title. I even created my own artwork to be used as the book cover when this story became an international best-seller. What do you think?