I’m a author.

More specifically, I’m a newbie author, since I have very few published works to show for my time. One of the things I have spent significant time doing over the past couple of years is to research other authors in my genre(s). Primarily I’m interested in horror, but many of my stories also could be called urban fantasy. I’ve found a lot of new (to me) authors, but few whose work I really admire.

One of my favorites is Jack Kilborn, although it turns out that Jack is merely a pen-name for J. A. Konrath when he’s writing horror stories. J.A. writes in multiple genres and has a large fan-base for his Thrillers, but it’s the Kilborn stories I enjoy most.

I like the idea of using a different name for different type stories, which is why I have introduced my own pen-name Danothy Grimm for some of my stories, although I just came up with the name recently (thanks, Tim Kelly) so it may be a while before you can find books under that name.

Meanwhile, I recently read through J.A. Konrath’s blog “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing” and saw this little tidbit entitled Konrath’s New Year’s Resolutions for Writers 2017 and enjoyed it so much that I want to pass along the wisdom of somebody I hope to one day call my peer (don’t worry, J.A., I’m still merely a fan.)

So, here are the resolutions (along with my responses.)

I will start/finish the damn book (check. Zombiphobia is finished. Urban Legends is in progress.)

I will always have at least three stories on submission, while working on a fourth (partial-check. I have only one on submission, but give me time…)

I will attend at least one writer’s conference, and introduce myself to agents, editors, and other writers (on my list for 2017)

I will subscribe to the magazines I submit to (haven’t gotten that far yet…)

I will join a critique group. If one doesn’t exist, I will start one at the local bookstore or library (check. I already belong to the Cincinnati Writers Group.)

I will finish every story I start (oh, man! do I have to?)

I will listen to criticism (check, although I don’t always take it to heart. Ultimately it is my story, not theirs.)

I will create/update my website (half check. I’m working on it.)

I will master the query process and search for an agent (partial check. I’m learning how.)

I’ll quit procrastinating in the form of research, outlines, synopses, taking classes, reading how-to books, talking about writing, and actually write something (check.)

I will refuse to get discouraged, because I know JA Konrath wrote 9 novels, received almost 500 rejections, and penned over 1 million words before he sold a thing–and I’m a lot more talented than that guy (okay, now I’m depressed… )

But thanks for a good starting point, J.A., and please continue dispensing your nuggets of wisdom. I’m listening.

Dana / Danothy