Boy, do I feel stupid! I loved the movie Horns from 2013, starring Daniel Radcliffe, and I knew it was based on a book by an author named Joe Hill. Last night one of my fellow authors pointed out that Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King, my all-time-favorite author. You’d think I would have known he had a son, but…

So, being the mature, intelligent, sophisticated man that I am, I responded with a mature, intelligent, sophisticated retort,

“No way!”

…to which there is, of course, only one logical response,

“Way, Ted!”

It turns out that I’ve even listened to a couple of Joe’s books (on Audible) and I never made the connection. So, I have some catching up to do. I gotta go read everything the man has ever written.

And… OMG! He has another brother, Owen, who is also an author! Father and son even collaborated on a new book “Sleeping Beauties.”

Looking forward to catching up on some great horror / urban fantasy.

I am a published author of horror, sci-fi, and urban fantasy stories, which sounds really cool, but doesn’t mean much these days with all the self-publishing venues now available. Last year I self-published my first collection of short stories, Altered Perceptions, on Kindle and actually sold several copies through friends, family, and social media (You know who you are and thank you very much.)

I also received feedback, the most notable of which praised my talent as a story-teller, but also mentioned that one story in particular, Ghost Job, went too far. In my defense, Ghost Job (betcha can’t guess what it’s about…) was prefaced with a disclaimer stating that it was blatantly sexual and that, if the reader was likely to skip over one of my stories for being too intense, this was the one to skip.

My tales generally deal with the supernatural, or at least the really weird and creepy. But some really push the reader past their comfort zone, and intentionally so. In light of feedback, I decided to separate those stories, set them apart from the rest, so as not to alienate my readers.

Actually, I hope you like both, but if you’re a fan of true horror, if you appreciate the thrill of being taken to the edge of your comfort level, and just beyond it, then you are welcome to read stories attributed to Danothy Grimm (my evil twin.)

And if those are a little too much for your taste, no sweat. You can follow stories written by Dana Kisor (Danothy’s evil twin, but a little more laid back.) While all my tales are designed to push your boundaries, these will push only a little.

Basically Danothy doesn’t want specifically to offend anybody, he just believes that horror stories need to be, well, horrible. If it doesn’t make you squirm, then how effective is it?

So, from here on out, I will attribute stories like Ghost Job to Danothy Grimm. Incidentally, my first novel, Zombiphobia, which I am trying to get published this year, will probably have Danothy’s name on it.

So, to get your first peek at my way of story-telling, at a pretty reasonable price, look for Altered Perceptions on Kindle. It may also prove informative if you continue to read my upcoming books, since many of them share settings and characters.

And, if you find some of my work a bit too extreme, remember what Danothy always says.

‘It’s called horror for a reason.”

You have been warned… 😉